Boston, New England: Folks Think Gulf Shores Great for Extending Beach Season!


Orange Beach and Gulf Shores Vacation Homes: The Perfect Place for New Englanders?

A recent article in the Boston Herald certainly thinks the Gulf Coast area is just about the perfect place for folks from the Northeast to “get their warm on.”

“Sure, it’s one thing to head to a Caribbean island or southern Florida, ” says Moira McCarthy,  “But what if you could head to a beach area that feels more … Northeastern? Where the warm beach abuts woodsy areas and marshlands? Where you can take a bike path along the beach or through a deep forest, right in the same town? Where the beach bars serve lots of oysters and know you love seasonal beers with them?”

On Golden Pond #5: Pool View

Besides the Gulf Shores Gulf beaches, there’s the Little Lagoon area as well.

With callouts to some of our own personal favorite Gulf Coast eateries, like the Tin Top and Lulu’s, it’s a really nice piece from someone who clearly knows the area. Who wouldn’t want to come to Fort Morgan, Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, and chill at the Hangout?

It’s nice to see our coast raised on the radar of the northeast coast.

From one beach lover to another, come on down to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, stay awhile, and enjoy some of our southern hospitality. And if you need a place to stay, give us a call or send us a note, we loved the place so much, we now own multiple really big, family-friendly, vacation homes along the Gulf Coast!

Driving from the East Coast might be a bit of a haul, but you can catch a flight to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area, arriving in either Mobile or Pensacola. They are both a little under an hour from the airport. They are regional airports and generally very easy (and quick!) to get in and out of.