Winter Sale: Big discounts on long-term Gulf Shores vacation home rentals. Snow birds rejoice!

Posted on April 7, 2017

Gulf Shores Vacation Home Sale Sand and StarfishWinter Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation Homes for Less!

Looking for a great place to stay warm for the winter of 2017-2018? Look no further! We own a wonderful collection of homes and are happy to share them with you. And since you are looking for a longer term stay, which means less turnover and wear and tear (usually, right? you’ll treat them nice!), we are offering a discount on stays of 30 days or more. Big time savings over weekly rentals and even over our regular winter monthly pricing. From 5 bedrooms to as many as you could possible want!

Are you a snowbird? Or maybe just a big group looking for an extended stay? Or anyone else needing a great place to call their own home during the winter months? We have the perfect place for you.

We even have options for locking out some of the levels of our larger homes and renting them exclusively to you…for less.

Save thousands of dollars on monthly winter stays! As much as $5K+ on long stays in several homes.

We aren’t talking about bird see here. Real discounts for great homes. We love having people stay in our places for the winter. We have folks who have stayed every year for literally decades, and we’d love to have you try us out too, and to make that happen, we are willing to offer a discount on any remaining homes. 

Great rates. Try us starting at $2750/mo… sometimes less!

Nice homes. All the amenities. Lots of variety. We own them all, and we’d want you to have a great time trying one out because we are sure you will be back, year after year!

Rates are as low as $2,750 for a whole month! For a few options, we may even be able to be lower (see “lockout” above, and a few of our smaller places, but they go fast!).

That’s lower than a normal week in some cases! You can even get lower by staying 2 months. How’s $2-3K/month sound? (Only available on multiple month stays). And yes, you can get the rate even if you can only stay say 3 weeks. Its still a better deal than the weekly rate in most cases!

Some of the homes to which this big discount applies include: Shells, Fort Sun, The Pearl, Our Jewels by the Sea: Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire, Sea Urchin, and more.

You can only get these deals by contacting us directly, either call, email, or use our form. Mention code: “GoLong”–though everyone knows about the deals so if you can’t remember the winter discount code, no worries!

Subject to availability, of course (we can’t rent what we don’t have!) and cannot be combined with other offers (already too good of a deal!) or applied to existing rental agreements. The guestimated amounts listed above are rental rates only and don’t include taxes and any fees.


These snow birds are escaping winter. Will you catch the winter discount on our great vacation homes in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach?