Do you offer trip insurance? No, but you can do it yourself!

Posted on March 31, 2017

Orange Beach travel insurance information

We do not offer travel or trip insurance with our Alabama vacation home rentals. However, many insurance agencies will quote you a custom policy.

Planning a trip can be a bit nerve wracking, and you may worry about what happens if you need to cancel. We totally get that. We do not offer trip insurance because there are too many options available and we feel this is a decision best left to the vacationers. But there are many options out there for you to roll your own policy, from insurance shopping sites, to the big insurers, to your individual agent.

Many available options for insuring your trip

Fortunately, there are a fair number of agencies that are more than happy to provide a quote.

We do not vouch for any of these agencies, and YMMV, but many are long-established, national, and sometimes international, insurance companies. Most have simple to use web-estimate tools as well. There’s even a “shop the policies” site called


AIG Travel Guard –

Allianze Global Assistance –


Red Sky Travel Insurance –

TravelSafe –

Many more. You could just give the a whirl, and it will toss up 20+ options from different companies and you can then look at each one directly. That’s what I did to validate this answer!

Your Own Agent?

Your home or auto agent may also be able to write a competitive policy. Its worth contacting them to see what they can do.

Things to Consider

How much coverage do you need? Do you want coverage for death/sickness cancellation?

Or do you want coverage “for any reason”? The latter costs more.

You’ll want to make sure the quoted amount covers the entire amount you want to get back. If its a $16,000 house rental and incidentals, make sure the cancellation clause doesn’t say the “non-refundable” part–which for a home is “all of it”–but go on to have a limit on how much that actually is (like say $2500).

You can often customize several different factors, and some companies seem to not only allow this customization but also have several tiers of policy before you tinker with add-ons. Again, we don’t have company or personal experience with any of these.

Some policies have a deductible of some sort and, of course, you never get back the cost of the policy itself, which can be $1K+, so of course you have to decide risk vs reward.

Most policies cannot be written close to the date of the trip (well after you’ve paid for everything) and, while it should go without saying, if you already know you think you want to cancel and then you get the policy specifically to cancel and be covered, well, that’s kinda sketchy at best.

We would love to hear from you if you have good (or bad) experiences, though, so we can help other vacationers!

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