Can I make a payment with a credit card? Yes!

Posted on February 10, 2015

Credit card payments are accepted via electronic invoice, in-person, or over the phone for any balances due on your account. Your account and the payment will reflect an adjustment to account for non-cash pricing.

We’d be happy to take your credit card as an alternative form of payment. However, because all our rates, payments, and fees represent cash-discounted pricing, there will be an increase to your account to reflect the non-cash status of your payment. This increase will only be applied to your payment amount and not to the entire balance. This increase will only be applied to your payment amount and not to the entire balance. The increase is approximately 4-5% and will appear as a separate charge on your ledger, called a Cash Discount Recovery Charge, to clearly identify the amount of the charge that is attributable to your choosing to not take advantage of the cash discount pricing for a particular transaction. There may also be a minimum transaction amount.

Through Secure Web Form

You may use our credit card payment page to easily make your payment. The form is secure, processes through Paypal, and we never see or retain any of your credit card information.

In-Person Credit Card Payments

Come in any time. Bring your card. Swipe it. Get your receipt emailed to you (or grab a hard copy if you must). No problem.


Call any time during normal business hours and we will process the payment for you, and send you an electronic receipt.

Emailed Invoicing

You can also request that we send an electronic email invoice (via PayPal) directly to your email account. You can then pay the invoice using your own PayPal account. Note, if you will be paying this invoice with a cash-equivalent, like a checking account, we normally maintain the cash discount, so be sure to tell us!

Note. Please never ever (ever!) provide your credit card information in an email. That’s just a terrible idea!