Can I park a… rv, bus, trailer…?

We get it. You want to drive in luxury in an RV, then park it, and live in luxury in our homes! Or you have a big team and everyone is coming in on a bus. Or you like to bring a bunch of stuff in a trailer, because that’s how you roll! We dig it!

Can you? Sometimes.

So, at our Cottages at Romar, the answer is “no.”

SeaRae, Summertide, and Pearl (for it, in the across the street spillover lot), and most of the duplexes can handle a motor home or bus, including 1203, 1205, 1209, 1217, 1252, 1300, 1433, 1420, 2809 West Beach.

Note, none have hook ups and most areas preclude using an RV as living space while there. So if that’s your plan, probably best to rethink it!

When coming in, back straight into the driveway, and stay on the drive! As you get the rig into the drive, do NOT try to maneuver back and forth and around, you will sink it. In any event, parking a big rig (rv, bus, whatever) is solely at your own risk. Sink it, and call the tow company. 🙂

What are your vacation home rental policies?

Legal Notices, Rules and Regulations Specific to Gulf Shores Properties

We hope you have a fabulous vacation with us. We have some policies and procedures of which you should be aware. These policies and procedures may vary slightly depending on the home you are staying in and the local management company that is providing support. We own all our homes and also provide on-the-ground service through these third-parties. When terms of use, policies, or other information may appear to be in conflict, the stricter/more restrictive policy shall prevail.

In the end, be smart, have fun. Call us if there is a problem. Enjoy the beach!

Here’s a link to our full vacation rental policies and procedures.

What are your policies regarding weather, hurricanes, and other unforeseen circumstances?

Our cancellation policy generally follows that of our third-party local management companies and does not provide refunds for unforeseen developments such as illnesses, mandatory hurricane evacuations and similar events that can affect your trip. We strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance.

NO REFUNDS are issued for cancellations or early departure due to inclement weather or personal circumstances.

Travel Protection Insurance (“Trip Insurance”) may be a good option

Most third-party trip insurance agencies will allow you to add trip insurance to a trip up to your last payment, though those policies are up to the individual agencies. They cover a wide range of issues, so be sure that whatever you main concern is that it is in fact covered. Most will not allow cancellation for any ol’ reason, and you will need to meet their criteria for death, injury, weather, but they can protect you against loss if they are a god fit for your group.

We do not, at this time, directly offer trip insurance. However, we did do a bit of the legwork for you!




How do I send a compliment, say something nice about my stay?

There is a new comment section on our web site that allows you to leave feedback regarding your stay. Also be sure to check out the comment sections for places to go, things to do, and where to eat!