2024 Hangout and Memorial Day Specials

Ready to Rock in Gulf Shores? Great deals on our remaining Gulf Shores vacation homes for Hangout Music Festival and Memorial Day weekend!

Hangout Music Festival 2024 in Gulf Shores, Alabama, kicks off May 17th. Still need a place to stay? We have a few options that could make your weekend, or the whole week, even more awesome. What could be more awesome than the Hangout Fest 2024 lineup of bands (and of course the sand, surf, and great Gulf Shores food)? Well, a discounted stay in an incredible beachfront home, of course!

Call us at 251.732.4020 today, for your last minute place to stay!

Chainsmokers, Lana Del Rey, Odesza, Zach Bryan, Cage the Elephant, Renee Rapp,  many many more!

Memorial Day too!

Memorial Day deals too. In fact… any stay from Hangout through June 8 can get some extra love!

Watch great bands, stay in a great beach home. Way to start the summer off right!

Limitations–not many…

This discount offer is limited to previous guests and inquirers, cannot be applied to existing bookings, and is valid for stays now through June 8. It is, of course, also subject to availability, occupancy, and length-of-stay limitations. How can we help you?

Lots of updates on our homes. Pricing and Availability? Check out new site too!

Big Updates at Many Homes in 2022-2024! New decks, floors, paint, furniture!

You need a vacation. We do too! We’ve been hard at work updating many of our homes. So hard at work that we are just getting caught up in many cases with new tours and photography!

Quickie note: Due to some changes in mgt co. We DO have some rare last minute slots for summer 2023. Reach out! 

Updates and upgrades (almost) everywhere!

Erica’s Sandpiper, Sea Urchins, Blue Heron, Egret, Summertide… all new decks and more! Casa Playa? Shells? Nice new paint and interiors. So much more, everywhere! Complete redo of Dancing Dolphin. Gulf and Gulf at the Plantation got a makeover too! Really, the list of places that haven’t been reworked is so much smaller than all the nips, tucks and awesomeness for 2023 that has been done. Oh, NEW places too. Not even on this site quite yet. East 11 Cottages G (6 bedroom, like Night Heron… nice!) and East 11 Cottages A (a rare smaller place, 4 bedroom). Both across the street, so value central, but brand new! Also also… we know own both sides of our oh so cute and affordable On Golden Pond 3. That makes for the possibility of a 2×3 bedroom spot on the lagoon!

BamaBeachHouses: New Site with Pricing, Availability and More!

What else has we been working on? New website in process too! It includes pricing and availability. Check it out! You can find all our homes under the Bama Beach Houses ‘brand’ for our family’s places!

We will be doing a big pass on updating everything on that site (and on this one) as time permits so if you see older art or descriptions, just reach out!

Thanks again! Hope to see you this summer or throughout the year! Best wishes, Rick and Susan (and the rest of the gang!).

Do you offer travel or trip insurance? Yes! Read on…

Do you offer trip interruption/travel insurance?

Yes, we do. We offer two types of travel insurance through a third-party insurance provider: Standard Travel Protection and CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason). CFAR is an ADD-ON to Standard Travel Protection. That is, it includes all the protections of Standard Travel Protection, but ALSO, the an addiitonal cost (currently of 3.8%), you gain the ability to, as it says, also cancel for any reason not convered by the Standard Travel Protection, even ‘just not wanting to go,’ and still be able to recover 60% of the eligible trip costs.

Please note. All amounts, eligibility, and so on on this page are subject to change, and this page should not be used as a reference for making decisions as it is not dynamically updated, though we try! For the latest information, your best bet is to review the third-party provider’s site or contact them.

The coverage is provided through Nationwide Insurance, managed by RentalGuardian. Check it out!


Here is the short version of the two coverages!

  • Standard Travel Protection
    • Cost – 7% of total trip cost
    • Purchase eligibility
      • If trip arrival is more than 30 days, can be purchased at any time.
      • If trip arrival is less than 30 days, must be purchased within 5 days of booking.
      • Maximum trip length – 90 days
      • Maximum trip cost – $100,000
    • Coverage (general coverage, varies per policy)
      • Weather-Related – Hurricane/Mandatory evacuation
      • Illness/Injury
      • Job Loss
      • Mandated Work
      • Much more
    • Policy sample (select the state you live in at link) https://playtravelprotection.com/ptnw/
  • CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason)
    • Cost – 10.8% of total trip cost
    • Purchase eligibility
      • If trip arrival is more than 30 days, can be purchased within 14 days of booking.
      • CFAR is not available for any trips with arrival of less than 30 days.
      • Only available for US residents, however is not available for residents of NY or WA
      • Maximum trip length – 90 days
      • Maximum trip cost – $100,000
    • Coverage
      • All Coverage benefits of the standard plan at 100% claim benefit for covered reasons listed in the policy.
      • CFAR – Cancel for any reason benefit 60%
      • To be eligible to claim the CFAR benefit, you must cancel your reservation 48 or more hours before scheduled arrival.

How do I add interruption/travel insurance?

You can choose either type of travel insurance when you book from the booking page of our site. You can’t miss it, as you have to choose either one of the coverages, or to decline it!

You can also add the coverages after the fact, subject to limitations. However, there is a strict TIME LIMIT on when you can add CFAR. You can add Standard Travel Insurance, almost up to the date of the trip. HOWEVER, travel insurance that is purchased after a named peril occurs (for example, say a hurricane is named in the Gulf and you THEN buy insurance, WILL NOT cover that peril. That’s pretty fair, since you would be trying to cover a risk after you incur the risk, and they would go out of business pretty fast if they allowed that!

Ready to add insurance? Just contact us. We can add it! Send us a note on any of the reservation emails stating which one, and we can add it for your. It will be the percentages above, but we can also send a quick quote too!

We just cannot answer most questions about it because we are not insurance providers, so we are not allowed to do so! Rules!

Help! Gulf Shores vacation home travel insurance

Can I park a… rv, bus, trailer…?

We get it. You want to drive in luxury in an RV, then park it, and live in luxury in our homes! Or you have a big team and everyone is coming in on a bus. Or you like to bring a bunch of stuff in a trailer, because that’s how you roll! We dig it!

Can you? Sometimes.

So, at our Cottages at Romar, the answer is “no.”

SeaRae, Summertide, and Pearl (for it, in the across the street spillover lot), and most of the duplexes can handle a motor home or bus, including 1203, 1205, 1209, 1217, 1252, 1300, 1433, 1420, 2809 West Beach.

Note, none have hook ups and most areas preclude using an RV as living space while there. So if that’s your plan, probably best to rethink it!

When coming in, back straight into the driveway, and stay on the drive! As you get the rig into the drive, do NOT try to maneuver back and forth and around, you will sink it. In any event, parking a big rig (rv, bus, whatever) is solely at your own risk. Sink it, and call the tow company. 🙂