Sea Rae: Exterior


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629 W. Beach Blvd. Guf Shores, AL 36542

or call 251.732.4020

Sea-Rae Photos

  • Sea Rae: Exterior
  • Sea Rae: Picnic Area
  • Sea Rae: Pool Area
  • Sea Rae: Bedroom
  • Sea Rae: Bedroom
  • Sea Rae: Bedroom
  • Sea Rae: Bathroom
  • Sea Rae: Bedroom
  • Sea Rae: Lounge
  • Sea Rae: Lounge
  • Sea Rae: Kitchen
  • Sea Rae: Dining Area
  • Sea Rae: Lounge

2015 Rental Rates for Sea-Rae*

Winter11/01/14-03/01/15$544 day, $3264 wk
Spring03/01/14-05/14/14$764 day, $4584 wk
Late Spring05/16/14-05/23/14$1116 day, $6696 wk
Summer05/24/14-06/21/14$999 day, $5994 wk
Peak Summer06/21/14-07/26/14$1116 day, $6696 wk
Late Summer 07/26/14-08/02/14 $999 day, $5994 wk
Summer Ending08/02/14-08/08/14$764 day, $4584 wk
Early Fall08/09/14-09/01/14$624 day, $3744 wk
Fall09/02/14-10/31/14$624 day, $3744 wk
ThanksgivingPlease InquirePlease Inquire

Sea-Rae Map

*Quoted rates reflect cash discounts and do not include 9-11% sales tax and cleaning fees. Rates and descriptions are not guaranteed and are subject to errors, omissions, and changes. When booking reservations, they generally must start or end on a Saturday. Contact us for the most up-to-date information.